Craigslist “adoption” foiled

Have you guys seen this? What are your thoughts on this? You can read about it here.

Basically a women posted an ad on craigslist saying she didn’t think she could take care of her son, who is 3 and was looking for a couple to adopt him. The post got pulled and the police have gotten involved.

“Police are charging Redus with a misdemeanor offense, saying that she “unlawfully intentionally and knowingly advertised in the public media, namely Craigslist, her son, Conner Danger Redus, for adoption.” The posting was placed on May 1, according to police.”

Her charges are what gets me. Now for the record I do not agree with what she did. However what is so different from what she did then say an agency putting up an ad? Or adoptive parents putting up an add saying they’re looking to adopt. How many people do you think responded to her add? “She told police she did respond to several reply messages to adopt her son.”

I”m just confused on why she would be arrested and charged with a misdemeanor for not going to an agency to place her son, but trying to place him on her own.  Yes, now she says that she didn’t plan to place him etc etc. Maybe she was going to scam the couples for money, who knows you can only guess at this point, but I think if theyr’e not going to allow mothers to place their children in ad’s on the net, then they need to pull all adds in that energy down, adoptive parents, paps, adoption agencies, private adoption lawyers….BRING THEM ALL DOWN! One simple google for “craigslist looking to adopt” and a goldmine pops up.. example 1 2 3 . LUCKILY…in that same google I found the lovely claud blogging about this horrific tragedy as well: READ HER GREAT POST HERE. Again, my position is charge them all with misdemeanors! Yes ma’am thats my position and I’m sticking to it! Back to gardening I go…its me vs the squirrels round 4 and the squirrels are totally winning.

9 responses to “Craigslist “adoption” foiled

  1. Now Social Services will get involved and take her son – and then she won’t be able try and sell him again – vicious cycle, right? Either way, the child is the victim of this mess. Where did she get the idea? Like you said – everyone else can run an ad – why not her. (and Good luck with those squirrels.)

    • she’s pregnant too, or so i read she claimed to be in another article. Poor lady. I bet she’s just scared and desperate for money. Just a hunch. She was asying she’s pregnant and can’t take her depression meds and thats why she did it… bleh… wouldn’t it be great if someone stepped up to “help” the poor girl, but you know lara/trace i tend to agree with you, instead of helping her they’ll probably just find a way to take her children, and place them with a different couple and then make a few thousand off of the placement. meh. what a joke.

  2. From a legal standpoint it would depend on the laws of the state. If all private adoptions are illegal then that would explain why they only targeted her. But where I live the only requirement is that a homestudy be done which can be paid for privately. If they charge her for putting up the ad, but it would still be legal in that state for her to make an arrangement with her neighbors for the same thing with no ad, then they shouldn’t have charged her. I wonder if the police sent one of the replies undercover and caught her asking for $$. Either way of course I agree she needs assistance which is likely not what she’ll get

  3. I abhor all the advertising on the internet for babies and those “available “situations””…they affect me like fingers running down a chalkboard. None of them should be allowed and advertising for a “birthmother” to adopt a baby seems pretty much the same in my books.

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