You think this shit doesn’t exist anymore….

And then you read something like this… Republican Texas Judge Orders Couple To Live Apart Or Lose Custody Of  Child

No this isn’t about adoption. No this child isn’t an adoptee. But you know what? This deserves some recognition. I am completely appalled at this judge and the order he has given. I cannot imagine any judge telling me that I couldn’t have visitors to my house past a certain time just because he didn’t agree with my sexual preference.  If the father of my children tried to gain custody of our girls and the judge didn’t like my girlfriend ( if I had one ) and said she couldn’t stay the night anymore…i would be so furious. JUST BECAUSE ITS TWO WOMEN. These women did nothing to provoke this judgement other then be in love. Is their love that threatening to this judge? That he must enact an order against them living together? They’re not even seeking marriage, there is no law that I see that should make them stay apart at night. This judge is homophobic, and an insult to human rights.

Rant over. I will waste no more time on this nonsense bit of discrimination unless it involves equality and freedom for everyone.

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