The Adoption Concept

This is a work in progress that I am resurfacing from long ago, and hoping to complete what I can in the next few months…. If you have information or resources that you feel would be valuable here please leave a comment and we will be in touch. I am trying to collect and gather as many resources as possible for all of the categories in adoption. Yes that seems like a HUGE task…but it needs to be done, and isn’t. How can someone make an informed choice to surrender her child if she’s not even given adequate resources to inform herself. How can people parent their children without informed research on what adoptees have been through and how it has effected them if its not at their fingertips, and how can we change this system if we don’t know what needs to be changed…exactly. My goal is to put that all here, under one place, so that its at our fingertips and we can continue forward.

  • Relinquishment
  • Motivations for adopting
  • Level of openness in legal adoptions
  • Degree of Ethical-ness
  • Age of child at adoption
  • Ethnicity of the Adoptee
  • Country of Child’s birth
  • Special needs at time of adoption
  • Level of openness in communication in household

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