Being raised in an adoptive family of many english majors, its become apparent to me that I am not a great writer by any means. This, however is my space to reflect on adoption and how it has impacted my life. These are my views. This is the one place I will not sugar coat them for anyone. This. Is. How. I. Feel. In no way is this an attempt to change your views. I do not put this blog here as a way to extend the olive branch to those who think adoption is full of hearts, rainbows and stuff. I don’t want to debate you or put anymore energy into who’s more right and who’s wrong etc. This blog is adoptee-centric. I honestly don’t care how many years xxxx tried having children for before they resulted to adoption, or how long xxxx was in an orphanage before she was sold to her “forever family.” Chances are….if you believe in adoption…this blog, is going to piss you off. I don’t believe in adoption. That doesn’t make me ungrateful to my adoptive parents. It doesn’t mean i had a “horrible life.” It means the steps that I have walked have lead me here and this is where I am, and this is how I feel, and this is my space for reflecting that. Too much time is spent arguing on these forums and blogs which is a huge reason behind why i deleted the last 7 years of entries on my blog. I’m coming into a different place in my life. I want to lend my voice to freedom of adoption by reflecting on it in more useful ways then hate. I’m setting down my chains, and speaking from my heart. If you don’t like what I say…and you feel the need to comment, do so with respect or I will delete it. Respect me, and I will respect you, that is my golden rule here.

I was adopted at 6 months of age from foster care.

I was surrendered at 3 days old. It took the courts 6 months to track my father down and terminate his rights so that I could be adopted.

I grew up in the house I currently live in, on a citrus ranch, in California. Yes I had a pony, and a pool with a water slide.

I searched for and found my natural family in 2001.

I do not believe in adoption.

I love all of my parents.

6 responses to “Me

  1. Thank you for posting this. I am an adoptive parent from the public system, and i’m trying to get multiple perspectives on the adoption experience so I can help my daughter as she grows.

  2. Exactly! Being an Adoptee and not supporting adoption two totally separate things! Doing so does not mean that you do not love your adopted family, I hope that many more Adoptees will make this realization and stop tooting the “thank you for giving me up” adoptospeak. Thank you. I look forward to reading more.

  3. I’m so interested in your life story and it relates so much to my HSC assignment I’m doing at the moment. I’m in year 12 in Australia. I just wanted to ask if you would allow me to send you some questions about your life as an adoptee and if so how I would I do this?
    I’m doing a major assignment on whether adopting inter racially is helpful or hindering. So if a child adopted into another culture, grows up to lose aspects of his/hers identity and culture.
    Please get back to me on whether you would like to or not
    Here’s my email:

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