So much to say

I find myself reading and reading and having so much I want to blog on and yet I get so emotionally involved in these posts I end up “drafting” them in order to not sound like a raging lunatic troubled by the frustrations and downright corruption in adoption and the foster care system….. I just want to scream at all these idiots like WTF are you doing THESE ARE CHILDREN, and then I cry….and save draft and move onto the next one…

I hope your day is beautiful.

3 responses to “So much to say

  1. I wonder how they could think it was OK to deny me any knowledge of my family. Why did everything have to be a secret? Did the social workers, my natural parents, my adoptive parents and society as a whole really beleive that was the best thing they could do for me? What was everyone thinking?

    • I’m running out the door right now but i’ll be home in a few hours and have some to say on this as I’ve asked myself the same questions so many times….what were / are they thinking….

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